Here is what others are saying about Penny For Your Thoughts:

“Our play testing demonstrated it was a hit with the grandparents, the grandkids, and everyone in between.”
Bridget, “The Learning Shop”

“We had a customer come back to our store for the game after looking for something in Chicago”
Arlene Lynes, “Read Between the Lynes” store in Woodstock, IL

“This game is a lot better than Apples to Apples”
Chad Winter, Mukwonago

“We love this game!”
Deb Lindell, Waterford

“We had a blast! It looks like you have a hit!”
Jim Wix, co-owner of Faith and Giggles in Hartford

“Best game I ever played with my in-laws”
Lori Adler, Delafield

“We played at our block party ‘til 3 am”
Cathy Morgan, Burlington

“This game was a great team building experience”
Mike P., GE Healthcare

“My classroom loves this game”
Lisa Chase, Mukwonago elementary teacher

“This game is a lot better than the other games she makes me play”
Anonymous, Franklin

Just played w four 20 year old boys. My son said "I really like that game. Make sure you keep it up here".
Marc, northern Wisconsin cabin