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You Can Be My Green Beans! December 07 2014, 0 Comments

There are many reasons I started on this product line endeavor.  One reason is because in a social setting I really like to laugh and learn fun, novel things about those I'm with.  I'm not alone there but sometimes I need a little help.  At parties, do you ever struggle to find the space between boring and safe?  So I made a game I really wanted to play and soon learned other people had "a hoot" with it so I made more and expanded on the line. 

I'm also hard of hearing and games like these help keep me in the loop in a social setting.  Being able to work off context clues within the background noises of a party helps me avoid feeling like I'm on a deserted island surrounded by boats that aren't interested in rescuing me.  We were recently watching The Voice and it was the first opportunity my son, Justin (who is also hard of hearing) had to see the words of the Royals song when they sing "You can be my queen bee." Realizing for the first time his version of the song was incorrect, he matter-of-factly shared his revelation with his brother and said "Brandon, it's not you can be my green beans."  You can be the life of the party when you're hard of hearing sometimes, just not always in the way you expected!

Does your family have a lot of funny stories you share at the holiday table?  Have you heard the same ones so many times you are beginning to wish for new terrible things to happen to your loved ones?  I'm thinking if our family stories are over-recycled so are many others and it's time for some new I hope you'll join us in the fight against mundane and make your next gathering memorable!  Let me know if you want me to offer capes for sale with the games and party sticker booklets.