Party games, sticker booklets and jewelry featured on Today's TMJ4's"The Morning Blend Nov 2013"

New Products
Check out our Party Drink Stickers...Laugh and Learn with party members and always know which drink is yours from the fun stickers party members put on their drink surface. Adult and Children's party versions available.

Also, our new line of Penny For Your Thoughts Jewelry is expressive, fun, and trendy.  Our jewelry, sticker booklets, and award-winning line of party games make great gifts for any occasion.

A favorite for parties, trips, holiday gatherings, classrooms, and gifts! "A blast" whether you've been together forever or just met!  All party games accommodate up to 10 players.  Laugh, learn, and make memories! 

Teachers love our Junior version.  Junior and Regular versions and our party stickers make great team building, ice-breaking, party and classroom fun.

"Our play testing demonstrated it was a hit with the grandparents, grandkids, and everyone in between."

- The Learning Shop 

College Crowd?  Have a hoot with our Regular or Poker versions.  Don't forget our party stickers to add to the fun! Products featured in the Jan/Feb issue of The College Store Magazine.

I have a unique talent
I have a food that is an aphrodisiac for me
I am handy
Ice can make it hot
I can roll my r's
I have a phobia
I am more country than city
I can do a good impersonation
I would participate in a dangerous mission with a 95% chance of survival for $1,000,000
I wish I were older than I am
I can touch my nose with my tongue
I play too many video games
I know a joke I could tell

Simple and easy to learn. Click the “how to play” tab above for details.  Also features flexible play time, portable packaging, and accommodates large groups.

Funtastic!  Unleash the fun in your festivities and discover surprising and remarkable things about yourself and those around you!

Make it memorable or give the gift of a great time!